Friday, January 28, 2011

All Colors are Blue by Austin Troyer

All colors are not blue, unless you want me to go all poetry like and tell you they are for no particular reason. Not all colors are blue, but a lot are such as green which is a mixture of yellow and blue or purple which is a mixture of red and blue. There is also red and yellow unfortunately you cannot mix any colors to get these two, which goes the same for blue. You can, however, use red, blue, and yellow to make many other colors. Say you wanted orange you would mix red and yellow together to get that color. Orange is not blue either because it is a mixture of red and yellow. This leads back to blue not being able to make red and yellow. Then there is the controversy of whether or not white is blue because some would say that if you make blue light enough it becomes white, but to make it lighter you have to add white to it. So my conclusion is that not all colors are blue, but quite a few are.

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